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what is lacquerware?

the sap of "Urushi" lacquer tree
the sap of "Urushi" lacquer tree

Lacquerware is a hallmark of Japanese traditional craft made of wood, cloth or paper applied lacquer. It has a long history since the origin of the Japanese lacquerware is said to date back to about 9,000 years considered the oldest tableware in Japan. 

Urushi lacquer is a natural material derived from the sap of the Urushi lacquer tree and is prized for its beauty and durability as it has a smooth sheen and a strong adhesive force. Because of these features lacquer is used not only for craft work but also for repairing of broken ceramics that is known as “Kintsugi”.

Lacquer tree in bloom
Lacquer tree in bloom

In addition Urushi lacquer is naturally resistant to bacteria, hot temperature and it doesn't dissolve at high temperature. Thus the materials applied with lacquer carry functionality. Because wood has very low heat conductivity, lacquerware is excellent in thermo insulation which enables you to keep the food inside warm retaining moisture without bringing heat directly to hands holding it. Furthermore the surface coated with lacquer shows fine gloss and becomes something you could nurture the aging process of the natural lacquer while enjoying it with your hand for a long time. 


lacquerware is a gift from nature

natural materials

antibacterial effect

heat retention

moisture retention

thermo insulation

natural glue