tsugu is a Japanese handicraft shop based in Singapore

inspired by my family business rooted in the tradition of  lacquerware since 1902 in Tokyo, Japan. 

a single flower can create a cheerful atmosphere in the space



A single flower can create a cheerful atmosphere in the space as well as bringing calm and cheering feeling to us. It can stay present to soft-hearted part. It could be joy, comfort and even a warm gift that expresses the feeling without a word.  



a single flower




Our shop's concept is the same. We wish our product brings you personal satisfaction and makes everyday life happy and excited. We believe that our products filled with the delicate and subtle craftsmanship create such a pure space that you are wrapped by little joy and delight once welcome even if it's a single piece or tiny little item. 


tsugu offers mainly Japanese lacquerware carefully selected from various craftsmen across Japan.

In our selection, we value on

One and only gift selection


+ One and only  

Every item at tsugu is individually hand crafted in the small studio by Japanese craftsmen or artists. Each item is full of passion, precision and elaborated craftsmanship. It is really humanely-oriented work. Also each item made of natural raw materials takes on a completely different character. Pick only yours or particular item for your special persons. 

The existence itself creates value


+ Simply beautiful  

Not thinking of things as just practical goods, we'd like to appreciate various elements hidden within them. Of course the functionality is important, but be attached to things that the existence itself creates value or works on your mind separately from usability. The pieces at tsugu lead you to spiritual wealth in your life. 

make it your own


+ Make it your own

Handcrafted item changes in its colours and textures with regular usage and will likely get some scratches as it ages. As time goes by,  these subtle transitions themselves are a distinctive mark of its natural raw materials, and your appreciation for such beauty may be acquired. Nurture your item, you may become even more attached to the nuanced flavour. 

Where does the name "tsugu" come from ?

Where does the name "tsugu" come from?

“tsugu” 「継ぐ」 means “to inherit” in the Japanese language. Sadly, many things in this world are left behind when they are broken, out of style, or just because newer version of the product is launched. As a retailer, we focus on the selection of our items to be inherited and passed down for generations to come in this throwaway society. We believe in cherishing something good we can use for a long time, repair if it is broken and develop a special attachment to over time.

Lacquerware is an embodiment of  this idea. 

The art of lacquerware itself has about 9,000 years of history since ancient times in Japan –considered the oldest tableware in Japan. With the progress of time, even as the usage and design of lacquerware continue to evolve, we strive to bring you wonderful things in life which you may cherish and hand over to your children and generations beyond.

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