• You may be concerned...

" the real item might be different from what you see on screen "

  • You may wish to...

" hold the items in your hands to see the details like the wood grain and texture "


" learn more about the materials, process of making or the craftsman " 

We feel the same!

All these feelings are something difficult to describe in words. Also each

person feels things differently. Even if we try to tell you as close as possible, it's never going to match exactly. That is what we are carrying!

We want you to be happy with our products!

We're pleased to offer you an opportunity to get a close look at our items

so that you could...

  • feel natural wood texture, lightness, the warmth and an elaborate craftsmanship, which you can not tell only from screen
  • have a better picture of having the item at home
  • ask questions about what you're concerned or curious such as the materials, how to care the products and so on...
  • pick your favourite wood grain, colours from the items that have their distinctive characteristics



Q: Where is the venue?

A: It is city central location. We will give you an address after we confirm your booking. 


Q: Which payment do you take?

A: We take cash, credit card or cheque. 


Q: Do I have to purchase anything?

A: No, please feel free to just browse the items. 

square mini plate by Sayo Kuroki

The products made by hands are full of the passion and the warmth that cannot be attained by industrial products. Also since natural material have individually distinctive character, even the same item takes on completely different aspects depends on its wood grain, the difference in absorption of Urushi and so on... Considering these, an actual viewing allows you to pick the one that suits your taste.

Book now to find the one that touches your heart. 

book an actual viewing get 15%off