Add a decorative touch with black plates

We usually pick white or lighter colour as a plate for dishes. What about black? Do you think that it might darken the table? or that the food or thing might not stand out against it? I know what you mean! White plates are really versatile and can go well with anything. Compared to white, black is actually a bit difficult to coordinate with food or other stuff, so we tend to avoid to pick. It's true. But believe it or not, black plate is useful. With a few tips that we suggest here, you could add more fresh and stylish taste to your everyday table to get out of a rut.  

Create chic and contemporary feel 

Small black plate with sweets


With white or lighter colour of small stuff or food, the table becomes chic and contemporary feel. If you want to create a sense of composure, this is an essential item. 

Preserves a neat appearance with multiple colours


Even with multiple item with colours, black plate keeps looking neat with a refined appearance. 

Good match with green plants and flowers

Small plate set "Memory" by Sayo Kuroki


If you want to upgrade your table setting, just small leaves or flowers would work well with black plates. They add a nice decorative touch to make your meals enjoyable. 

Stunning and stylish look with colourful stuff

Small black plate with Wagashi


If you place something with colour on it, that gets firm impression that appeals to you. Even with the colourful things, not too sweet but gives you a stunning and stylish look. 

Give a cool impression on the table

bread and butter on black plates



Never darken your table, but rather gives a cool impression on the table with other coloured ceramic.



small plate set by Sayo Kuroki

Small designs add elegance to the black rough surface

Small black plate as a saucer
Small black plate as a saucer

When you pick up the cup, gives you "Wow"!

Give variety with the combination of two sizes by stacking in pairs 

Small black plate with Jewerly
Small black plate with Jewerly

All the above features are useful for adding arrangement and accent to your everyday table.

Our small plate set by Sayo Kuroki has a unique rough texture by applying powdered charcoal on the surface. The contrast between delicacy and roughness is a distinctive style of this artist Sayo Kuroki. You can use them individually or stacked in pairs to enjoy playing the combination of these small "Harigaki" designs. Two different design "Memory" and "Chabana" are available. Each piece is individually handcrafted and freehand drawing, so they're truly one of a kind item. 

small plate set "Memory" by Sayo Kuroki
Small plate set "Memory" by Sayo Kuroki
small plate set "Chabana" by Sayo Kuroki
Small plate set "Chabana" by Sayo Kuroki

If you would like to take a close look at these items, please feel free to book an actual viewing or just contact us directly. 

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