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New item perfect for spring!
Featured item · 26. March 2022
Spring (April) is the season when new fiscal and school year starts in Japan. Sakura cherry blossom start blooming in this season (end March to early April depending on the year). When people celebrate for a huge departure and a fresh start, Sakura cherry blossom have always been there watching over us warmly. That's the one of the reasons why Sakura is very special for us Japanese in that sense. We'd like to introduce our new items that is perfect for spring!

Why Japanese have personal wares?
Japanese culture · 15. February 2022
One simple question from the customer made me wonder and provided an opportunity to write this post. It was when they were browsing a set of chopsticks and then asked me, "Why these 2 chopsticks of the set are different length?". I felt hit by this and was shocked that I had been handling these items without introducing the culture unique to Japan until then.