lacquerware  · 20. December 2018
As we have quite a few inquiries about the wood used for our items from our customers, here we'd like to introduce what kind of wood is used for our items and the feature of each wood.

No hassle, the maintenance of Urushi lacquerware is easy!
lacquerware  · 28. October 2018
Do you think the maintenance of Urushi lacquerware is messy or difficult? Even Japanese who are likely to be familiar with lacquerwares in the daily life, many of them still have the negative image on their maintenance.

lacquerware  · 19. June 2018
Safety and security of food is the most important thing that every parents would care for their child. At every meal we hope our children eat safely, and the tableware is the part of it. What would you put great value on when you select the tableware for your child? Materials, lightness, durability, easy handling... Lacquerware is NATURALLY excellent at these.