Thoughtful gift more than ever

the festive season is coming

As many of you feel the same way, but this year has passed in the blink of an eye. Christmas season is just there. This year's Christmas is not going to be different, no travelling for a family gathering, no big party with friends for mots of us...

Thinking about your distant loved ones, why don't you pick the special item that colours the time at home with comfort and joy in this difficult times?  

One of a kind item at tsugu

one of a kind item at tsugu


Every item at tsugu is individually hand crafted in the small studio by Japanese craftsman or artist. Each item is full of passion, precision and elaborated craftsmanship. It's really humanely-oriented work. Also each item made of natural raw materials take on a completely different character. We will gladly provide our best gift selections for your special persons. Hope you enjoy browsing our products!

tsugu is a Japanese handicraft shop based in Singapore

inspired by my family business rooted in the tradition of  lacquerware

since 1902 in Tokyo, Japan

Christmas gift ideas from our new selections

Ideal gift for sake lovers

Our ever popular Sake cup is back with a fresh new look. For sake lovers, pick a special companion to spice up their Sake time more. 


Lipped vessel "katakuchi" by Maiko Okuno


  "Katakuchi" for Sake server

The soft and gentle form comfortably fits in your hand with this sophisticated detail. In addition to its visual appeal, this is well-considered practical use as it effectively prevents dipping. Suitable for Sake server and dressing/source.

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FREE Mizuhiki wrapping

Gift wrapping with Mizuhiki


FREE gift wrapping with Japanese Mizuhiki



Would you like to take an item in your hand?

We are open for an actual viewing by appointment in a city central location.

We’re pleased to offer you an opportunity to get a close look at our items,

so that you can feel natural wood texture, the warmth and an elaborate craftsmanship,

which you could not tell only from screen.