Lunar new year 2022



2022 is the year of "Water tiger", which has the image that starts sprouting and becomes a cornerstone for a new phase of growth after getting thorough a tough winter. 

How does this sound to you?

I’ll definitely find a bright, hopeful signal in it after a long tough situation for the last 2 years due to the pandemic. 

It would be great if we could help as many of you as possible celebrate and take off to a good start with our one of a kind items. Each of our item is so unique that you cannot find elsewhere here in Singapore.

One of a kind item at tsugu

one of a kind item at tsugu


Every item at tsugu is individually hand crafted in the small studio by Japanese craftsman or artist. Each item is full of passion, precision and elaborated craftsmanship. It's really humanely-oriented work. Also each item made of natural raw materials take on a completely different character. We will gladly provide our best gift selections for your special persons. Hope you enjoy browsing our products!

tsugu is a Japanese handicraft shop based in Singapore

inspired by my family business rooted in the tradition of  lacquerware

since 1902 in Tokyo, Japan

Perfect items to welcome a new year with

Matte bowl
Kittate pair matte bowl
Tsubomi fuller pair bowl

Hexagonal checker chopsticks
gold maki-e paired chopsticks
Pentagonal paired chopstick set "Kanshitsu"

Sake cup "evening garden" by Sayo kuroki
rusty sake cup high
Lipped vessel "Katakuchi" by Maiko Okuno

Flat vermillion plate "memory"  by Sayo Kuroki
Jewel box sunken gold
Sake cup evening garden by Sayo Kuroki

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FREE Mizuhiki wrapping

We would offer FREE Mizuhiki gift wrapping. Please feel free to contact us for more detail or any inquiries.

Would you like to take an item in your hand?

We are open for an actual viewing by appointment in a city central location.

We’re pleased to offer you an opportunity to get a close look at our items,

so that you can feel natural wood texture, the warmth and an elaborate craftsmanship,

which you could not tell only from screen.