Pick a unique gift for Father's day

Father's day is approaching soon. When it comes to Mother's day, you can find a wider variety of gifts out there such as flowers, sweets, jewellery, cosmetics, shawls and endless lists... What about Father's day? Tie? Shirt? Wine? When I recall the past father's day gifts for my dad, been there done that. Then the next year I was totally lost where to get for him. Actually generally speaking many people are struggling what to get for "him" compared to "her". 

Tea caddy with Washi

Let us help you get you some gift ideas from tsugu with unique and something different from the past this time. Also more importantly they can be used for many years enjoying its ageing process to nurture. If you want your dad to lay back and enjoy the time at home, one of those items would be a perfect choice. 


Some of you might not be familiar with wooden bowl for soup, rice or porridge, but once you start using it, you cannot return to ceramics. The warmth that you can feel through your hands when holding it is just special and it's amazingly light!  Also it doesn't bring heat directly to your hands even if you put hot things. 

Tea caddy with "Washi" 

If your dad likes drinking tea, this is going to be something makes his tea time exciting and special.

This tea caddy is wrapped in Japanese traditional paper "Washi". The fibre of "Washi" paper seen through from underneath is really beautiful and creates the warm impression. Since wooden tea caddy is excellent at moisture prevention and retention at the same time, it keeps tea leaf fresh and its aroma. 

Butter knife

Japanese apricot wood features its coppery colour and a soft rounded shape together generates a beautifully pleasing form. Whenever you hold it, you can feel a gentle touch that makes your meal time pleasant and rich. This small item could be a thoughtful gift for him. 

Tumbler "Takumi" / Millenium cup

The tumbler and cup maximised the beauty of its wood grain will definitely be his favourite one for everyday use and also something he can enjoy nurturing over time. The handling of this item is pretty easy that you can put it even in the dishwasher.  What I like this item is when you put ice cubes in it, the sound isn't loud but is just comfortable - ear friendly.

"Sake" cup

If your dad is a "Sake" lover, pick the particular item that is full of passion and an absolute attention to detail by our artist Sayo Kuroki. Since none of these items can be found elsewhere in Singapore, he'll have to appreciate such one of a kind item. Comes with a paulownia box and original cloth. 


We're pleased to offer FREE handmade "Mizuhiki" gift wrapping like these specially arranged for Father's day. Guess what motif is this?


Learn more about "Mizuhiki" on our blog


Father's day gift wrapping

Hope we could get you some tips for your father's day gift idea, and we also could bring your dad a smile on his face with our items. If you would like to see our products and hold them in your hand before you make a purchase, an actual viewing available by appointment. Please feel free to book or just contact us. 

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