No hassle, the maintenance of Urushi lacquerware is easy!

Do you think the maintenance of Urushi lacquerware is messy or difficult? Even Japanese who are likely to be familiar with lacquerwares in the daily life, many of them still have the negative image on their maintenance. 

Actually this is not true. It is basically simple steps “use, wash and wipe”. If I say "handle them in the same way as washing your hands, it might be a clear instance. When you wash your hands, use the soap that is gentle for the skin with water or lukewarm water, and then wipe not keeping them wet. Don’t worry, the care of lacquerware is much easier than you think.

No hassle, the maintenance of Urushi lacquerware is easy!

Here are the FAQ about the maintenance of lacquerware; 


*Can I use a dishwasher? 

Please do not use dishwasher since lacquerware is vulnerable to extreme dryness. This may cause deformation, crack, warp. Wash by hand with a soft sponge and dry them with a soft cloth. In case that food crud stock to the surface, soak in lukewarm water for a few minutes before washing. 


*Can I use a microwave? 

Please do not use a microwave. Because the lacquerware is made of natural material wood and Urushi lacquer, a sudden change in temperature and moisture may result in damage.


*Can I put them in the fridge?

Yes, it's no problem, but it should not be very long time. Because the lacquerware is sensitive to the extreme dryness and the sudden change in temperature. It is totally no problem, for example, keep the dish prepared till served on the table for a few hours.


*Can I put hot water in it?

Hot water with the temperature that you can drink is totally fine, but not boiling water. A rapid change in temperature may cause discolouration and deformation. 


*How should I store them?

Store them in shaded area away from direct sunlight to preserve the natural colouring of the lacquerware.  


*There might be at risk of getting lacquer poisoning? 

Once lacquer dries/hardens, almost zero possibility to be poisoned by lacquer. In case of having poisoned, consult a doctor for advice. 

No hassle, the maintenance of Urushi lacquerware is easy!

Japanese lacquerware is made with durability varies from wood base making to the final top coating at each process by an experienced craftsman in each field, not delicate or fragile at all. So there’s no need to worry too much about the handling. 

Even if it’s durable and tough, it doesn’t mean that you can handle roughly or rudely. Show your care and respect to your item and the craftsman who made, the same is true of anything though. It leads to spiritual wealth in your life. 

No hassle, the maintenance of Urushi lacquerware is easy!

Moreover the most important thing is to use them often without tucking away. Regularly using them not only prevents from drying but also adds luster to them. The lacquerware is the one to be completed by users by nurturing and caring. With regular usage and daily proper care it shows fine gloss and becomes your own unique item.


We hope you enjoy the transition of colours and textures of them over time.