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The last time was probably 3 years ago - 2018 when I reapplied Urushi lacquer on these wooden cutleries. Apparently it's time to do it again. I and the family are using them at everyday meal and the edges are rubbed raw looking not nice either now. 

This is the regular maintenance of the items used in everyday life just like polishing your jewelries or silver wares. The concept is the same as Kintsugi. Even if visible quality and usability declines, you could use them with affection for long time by taking care of them by yourself. It doesn't matter however it turns out each time, and you might even enjoy those difference or experience new taste, new scenery.  

Spending a little bit of effort and time on your pieces make each one precious and your own. Also I found these work would fairly soothe my mind in many ways. Reapplying Urushi lacquer is the similar process like Kintsugi, as repeating a little of work at a time for days and weeks, it is very exciting to see pieces changing every time including waiting time. This is such pleasure to nurture your items with your own hands. 


Here I'd like to show you the basic process and how they are changing with some photos. Hope you enjoy and would preferably get inspiration from this post. 

Easy basic process of reapplying 

polish with sand papers





1. Polish the spoons and fork flaked off with sand papers to remove surface oils and efficiently absorb Urushi lacquer.

Tampo made of special cotton and remnants



2. First layer of applying Urushi with the dabber called "Tampo" made of special cotton (Oume-wata) and small remnants with Urushi turpentined at a ratio of 7:3. After that, gently wipe the surface with a cloth in order to remove excess Urushi. Leave them for a few days to harden Urushi lacquer. 

applying Urushi with Tampo




3. After the first apply, you can already see developing gloss. The process of 2 is repeated a few time with several days of hardening (drying) process in between each one. 

applying Urushi with Tampo



When you move to the following step, thicken Urushi ratio each time such as 7:3, 8:2, 9:1, and then finally only applying raw Urushi lacquer. 

This change in consistency gets them gradually absorbed and prevents uneven coating caused by absorbing Urushi in one shot from the first step. 

You can tell how they're changing and getting its gloss on the surface. 

After the last coating



It is not necessarily reapplying Urushi lacquer but can be mending clothes, maintaining silver work or anything around you. I want as many people as possible to know how exciting with adding your touch to your personal belongings used as part of your everyday lives instead of getting new stuffs. 

The mind of taking good care of things with respect and love has much in common with respecting other people. In this chaotic times, why don't you pay attention to the feeling of  "caring" through something familiar to you now that you have more time spending at home? It certainly fills your heart with calm and happiness.

newly reborn cutleries with beautiful glaze
newly reborn cutleries with beautiful glaze

Our mind tends to be a mess under such stressful, unpredictable circumstances these days.

Let's move our hands! You'll slowly feel that it gives you a sense of peace. 


refreshing feel with reborn spoon
Wappa sake cup
new collection of chopsticks

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