New item perfect for spring!

Sakura cherry blossom in my home town


Spring (April) is the season when new fiscal and school year starts in Japan. Sakura cherry blossom start blooming in this season too (end March to early April depending on the year). When people celebrate for a huge departure and a fresh start, Sakura cherry blossom have always been there watching over us warmly. 


This is the one of the reasons why Sakura is very special for us Japanese in that sense. 

Especially now that the pandemic starts settling down and various social and economic activities are slowly resuming, everyone should have an exceptional feeling to welcome spring this year. 

New items that is perfect for spring

We'd like to introduce our new items that is perfect for spring! Both items are created by our master craftsman Maiko Okuno from Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture. These deserve the name "blossom" as they are designed with the motif of spring flowers.

"Blossom" small plate

Meticulous hand craftsmanship for dignified appeal stands out on this simple piece. Even though all these details are made by hand work, each piece has well-proportioned form that fade it from your mind. This design can be used for a long time that never go out of style. Available 2 colours. 

"Blossom" coffee bowl

This coffee bowl (known as Petit dejeuner bol in French) has calming and an excellent sense of presence coincide in harmony. The piece that you'll feel temptation of looking forever, at the same time motivates you to play around in various ways as you like. Versatile for soup, ice cream, tea, matcha green tea etc...


The rim part shaping bloom is a time-consuming manual process that requires extra attention when pulling into shaping, polishing and wiping. 

The craftsman Maiko created this hoping it will make people happy and cheery when they pick up.

Greet the spring season on your table with this piece, it will definitely bring brightness to everyone.


Kittate pair matte bowl
new collection of chopsticks
kids bowl

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