Jewel box sunken gold

This jewel box is used "Chinkin" technique whereby the colour lacquer and silver are inlayed in the depression of curved surface after applying the finish coat. The body of the dark brown "Tame" colour is very fine and goes well with these pretty designs. Perfect item for gift.

*Available in 2 different designs

- narcissus and lily


Measurements: approx. Φ7.3x2.8cm

Base materials: wood powder (55%) and phenol resin

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Jewel box sunken gold


  • 0.1 kg
  • Available
  • Delivery time:2-4 working days

"Edo-nuri" compact box

This compact box is handcrafted by a wood master in Kiso, Nagano prefecture and finely applied lacquer by a master lacquerer in Tokyo. These peaceful colours will fit in well with a daily life. Lacquered lunchbox also carries functionality since lacquer is naturally resistant to bacteria and the wood materials applied with lacquer enables you to keep the food inside retain moisture. You could store stationary or small stuffs into this box. 

*Available in two different colours - shu (vermillion x black) and araishu (yellowish vermillion)


Measurements: approx. Φ11x4.5cm

Base materials: Hinoki cypress

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"Edo-nuri" compact box


  • 0.07 kg
  • Available
  • Delivery time:2-4 working days

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