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Jewel box sunken gold

This jewel box is used "Chinkin" technique whereby metalic powder as gold, silver or colour lacquers are inlayed in the depression of curved surface after applying the finish coat. The body of the dark brown "Tame" colour is very fine and goes well with these pretty designs. Perfect item for gift.

*Available in 2 different designs

- narcissus and lily


Measurements: approx. Φ7.3x2.8cm

Base materials: wood powder (55%) and phenol resin

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Jewel box sunken gold


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Kagamimochi by a joiner

Kagami-mochi that is a traditional decoration for Japanese New Year is consists of two round Mochi and one small orange on top. tsugu proudly adds a new product "Kagami-mochi" made of wood handcrafted by a Japanese joiner. These are easy to incorporate into the modern living and also this hot humid climate in Singapore without worrying about spoiling. The best thing is reusable every year enjoying nurturing the warmth of the wood. Because of its natural wood feature and simple yet stylish design, it could naturally blend in to any style of your interior. Also each piece is bowl-shaped that nests easily for compact storage. You'll absolutely obsessed with these beautiful and soft figure with smooth touch. The surface finish for Mochi part is oil urethan, for orange is the wax of the insect called "Ibotaro" (Ericerus pela). 2 different kinds of wood available. 


Measurements: approx. Φ10x5.5cm/Φ8x4cm/Φ4x4cm

Base materials: Mochi: Beech or Birch tree, Orange: Japanese zelkova

Kagami-mochi by a joiner


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marron dome box by Maiko Okuno

This chestnut shaped small box is an absolutely breathtaking piece. After forming this beautiful shape on a lathe and then by hand, lacquering and wiping off repeatedly many times over, thus develops its natural wood grain coming through from underneath. Furthermore the wood grain of the lid and the body fit snugly. This requires extreme precision and delicacy. If you enjoy Japanese tea ceremony, this can be used as an incense container. 

*Available in 2 different types of wood - Japanese cherry birch and Zelkova 


Measurements: approx. Φ5.5x4cm

Base materials: Japanese cherry birch/Zelkova

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marron dome box


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Bamboo hair tie "Kuju"

This pretty bamboo hair tie is made by Kei Hasegawa who's a babmoo artist based in Oita prefecture, Japan. She is recognised at home and abroad with her free and dynamic art work. The motif of this item is inspired by star in Kuju, Oita where is famous for its amazing night sky filled with countless stars. Red one is applied Urushi lacquer to natural bamboo while white one is varnished to make the best use of its natural colour of bamboo. Why don't you add a little bit of Japanese twist to your hair? Three different colour of elastic available for natural colour of bamboo. Red one comes with a paulownia gift box.  

*Available in 2 different colours

- red and natural


Measurements: approx. Φ2.8-3cm

Base materials: Bamboo

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Bamboo hair tie "Kuju"


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