Butter knife "Apricot"

This butter knife is made of Japanese apricot. Japanese apricot has such features as the colour of burnished coppery and its sturdiness. This wood is often used for comb and beads. Applying Urushi lacquer and wiping off many times over brings out the wood grain and creates warm and deep impression. Since the handle takes on a soft and round shape, you will get a gentle feeling on your hand holding it.


Measurements: approx. : 18cm

Base materials: Japanese apricot

Butter knife "Apricot"


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Petit spoon "Flowers and fruits" by Sayo Kuroki

This little spoon is definitely makes your meal time special. The tiny detailed "Harigaki" design on it stands out as a discreet sparkle. The design is on its back side too. This is made of bamboo which is known for its sturdiness and also the traditional material that has been familiar to us Japanese from old times. Because each item is individually hand crafted, they are slightly different item to item. Suitable for a small gift. 


Measurements: approx. Φ3x13.5cm (full length)

Base materials: Japanese bamboo

petit spoon "Flowers and fruits"


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Paired "Wakasa-nuri" chopsticks

"Wakasa-nuri" is the specialty traditional crafts from Fukui prefecture. The feature of this pair of chopsticks is its design embedded seashell depicting the floor of the sea. Each piece has a long and complicated process coating many layers of lacquer. Comes with a gift box. 


Measurements: approx. red: Φ0.8x20.5cm

                                     black: Φ0.8x23.5cm

Base materials: natural wood

Paired "Wakasa-nuri" chopsticks


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