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Tea cup, whisk, tea scoop

It's been almost a year since I started learning Japanese tea ceremony here in Singapore. Every time after the lesson, I've realised how much I had led things by without caring about what was happening close to me in my everyday life. In today's world that is changing with dizzying speed, if I at odd times pause for a moment with my five senses, renew my awareness of connecting to nature and being alive. That is what Japanese tea ceremony reminded me first. 

Birdsong, smell of the air before it rains, small flowers and plants on the street... I might have "heard", "smelt" or "seen" them, but actually hadn't felt them at all... 

When I think back, I had been just occupied with accomplishing what I needed or wanted rather than feeling it. But the regular lesson allows me to feel silence and stimulate my five senses free myself from everyday's hurry and busy life. After a period of time, small things that I hadn't cared about before came to catch my attention even back in the busy daily life. 

In the process of learning, I found that a variety of elements in Japanese culture such as historic background, kimono, seasonal flowers and foods are just packed in this cultural activity. Also since it holds various wisdom and ingenuity depending on the four seasons, every lesson brings me to the different world by changing the manners and tools. It just makes sense that people are learning Japanese tea ceremony for many years for a cup of tea. 

Chabana in the tearoom

Japanese tea ceremony can be said to be a lifestyle culture based on "hospitality" and " arrangement" while naturally respecting a sense of the season. One thing that touched my heart after I started learning is flowers in the tearoom called "Chabana". "Chabana" is the flowers arranged for a tea ceremony where the natural seasonal flowers in green fields are supposed to be used as distinguished from "Ikebana" flower arrangement. 

The flowers bring a sense of the season in tearoom and tell us its beauty, grace and power that naturally lies in them. It is just a dignified beauty pervaded with warmth and tranquility. I was so impressed by a powerful message brought in the tearoom from those small flowers. It always reminds me of just being myself. That is the moment when I feel like being released tension that has built up over the week. 

Ever since then, I became more aware of what our items can bring in the space and create what kind of impression to users. With that thought in mind we'd like to dedicate our best effort to deliver something like brightening up everyday scenery, healing the heart even if it's tiny little thing just like "Chabana" in the tearoom. 

This new item small plate set by Sayo Kuroki is inspired by "Chabana". The concept is the attitude of seeking beauty in simplicity and imperfection. Hope you pick these new items and could be something that adds new flavour to your everyday life. 

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