Showcasing our products' feature on the videos

Millenium cup

All these features are something difficult to describe in words.

Also each person feels things differently.

Even if we try to tell you as close as possible, it's never going to match exactly.

That is what we are carrying!

We want you to be happy with our products

We're pleased to showcase our products' feature on the videos to be able to grasp

the well-balanced product image before making a decision to purchase.

You can watch the video on each product's page or our YouTube channel.


Size: Even if the measurement is mentioned, sometimes it is not easy to picture how it fits in your hands


Wood grain: A single piece shows various expression depending on its wood grain by aspect


Sheen & Colours: Urushi lacquer is the natural material that gives each piece different sheen and colours affected by angle and lighting condition


Smo0th interface: These features created by humanly-oriented work have warmth but precision. 



Maki-e design: Detailed hand drawn Maki-e design is breathtaking that is worth taking a close look


Texture: Textual variation creates uniqueness as well as functionality

square mini plate by Sayo Kuroki


The products made by hands are full of passion and warmth that cannot be attained by industrial products. Also since natural material have individually distinctive character, even the same item takes on completely different aspects depends on its wood grain, colour appearance by absorption of Urushi and so on.

Through the videos we strive to communicate those that cannot be done only via still images.

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