Video showcasing for our products' feature

Thankfully many customers have used our "actual viewing" opportunity until now. I was very pleased to deliver the satisfaction of purchase to each customer by providing engaging experience that you couldn't have gotten only from screen. More importantly I really enjoyed meeting every customer in person over our products and appreciated those valuable experience.

Now that it's difficult to provide actual viewing service with my personal life change, I'm starting to offer showcasing our products' features on the video as an alternative. The concept is the same as an actual viewing. I'd like our customers to have a better understanding before making a decision to purchase and get a sense of satisfaction out of our pieces. 

Kittate pair matte bowl


Each of our products made by our master craftsmen is full of passion and warmth that cannot be attained by industrial products.


Since natural material have individually distinctive character, even the same item takes on completely different aspects depends on its wood grain, colour appearance by absorption of Urushi and so on.

Therefore the videos are created to communicate a clear image as much as possible so that customers are able to grasp the well-balanced product image.


What will the videos share with you?


Size: Even if the measurement is mentioned, sometimes it is not easy to picture how it fits in your hands


Wood grain: A single piece shows various expression depending on its wood grain by aspect


Sheen & Colours: Urushi lacquer is the natural material that gives each piece different sheen and colours affected by angle and lighting condition


Smo0th interface: These features created by humanly-oriented work have warmth but precision. 



Maki-e design: Detailed hand drawn Maki-e design is breathtaking that is worth taking a close look


Texture: Textual variation creates uniqueness as well as functionality



Through the videos we strive to communicate these that cannot be done only via still images, and hope you can also sense every single piece imbued with the passion and love of the craftsmen and artists at the same time.


More videos will be coming up to show how our products are used to enjoy in everyday life. 

Stay tuned!

wappa sake cup
blossom coffee bowl by Maiko Okuno
kids bowl

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