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Wajima Kikuhai

We proudly welcome this absolute piece from Wajima in our online store - Wajima Kikuhai. "Kiku" is Chrysanthemum which is believed as the symbol of warding off evil and longevity in Japan. Since Heian era (794-1185), people drunk to their health with Chrysanthemum flower in it. That's why there're quite a few Sake that has "Kiku" on its name. 


Why don't we start 2021 wishing a healthy and prosperous year with this special cup?


Ishikawa prefecture

You might have heard of the name "Wajima-nuri" when it comes to Urushi lacquerware. It is said that Wajima-nuri is the leading production region in Urushi lacquerware industry. 

Wajima is located at the north end of Noto island in Ishikawa prefecture. In Ishikawa, there're 3 production regions of Urushi lacquerware including Wajima, Yamanaka for wooden basis and Kanazawa for Maki-e drawing. Especially in Wajima, Urushi lacquerware has continued in an unbroken line since Jomon era (more than 10,000 years ago!). 


Why is Wajima-nuri so special?

The answer is the special soil that can be locally found. Mixing this powder soil called "Wajima-jinoko" with Urushi enables Wajima-nuri to become very sturdy and fine. In addition to this special Jinoko, the technique called "nuno-kise" was created. This method is by attaching hemp or cotton cloth to edge, side or corner areas where's prone to scratching and dents. It could make Wajima-nuri even more robust. 

The number of the process to complete one piece is amazingly more than 120!


Maki-e is also the specialty of Wajima-nuri

silver powder is inlayed for Chrysanthemum part,

and then gold and green Urushi for the leaves. 

A stamp by Chinkin artist on the bottom.


One of the Maki-e drawing techniques called "Chinkin" is also the specialty of Wajima-nuri. Chinkin technique is that after curving design on the finished surface with a knife, metallic powder like gold, silver, tin or colour Urushi are inlayed in the depression of the design. This is the ultimate expression of delicacy. 


Add a special piece to your daily life

Wajima Kikuhai
Delicate beauty standing out against such glossy deep black base



One of the things what we value on selecting the items for our store is a little bit of twist with grace in simplicity that can be used in every day life. It can fit easily in to an existing ambience adding a nice touch as well as elegance. This piece will definitely make your Sake time blissful. 

This item is limited to only 3 pieces. 



Not tucking away, enjoy it in your daily life

You may think it's better to keep it for the special occasion knowing that how special it is, but please do not tuck away. Regularly using it not only prevents from drying but also adds luster to them.

The lacquerware is the one to be completed by users by nurturing and caring. With regular usage and daily proper care, it shows fine gloss and becomes your own unique item. 

  comes with a gift box               a cleaning cloth included

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